Welcome to High Five Hope

Today is a great day for High Five Hope.

For quite some time we have been working to bring a new online experience to you which showcases the children in our program, that better explains what we do, and that deeply engages the social networks and communities.  Like everything we do at High Five Hope, it truly takes a village of passionate and remarkable people to turn ideas into reality.  Our good friends Joseph Debons, Chris McElroy and Brad Hackleman, Jason Valles and Katrina Bethards (from the awesome ThirdFloor Media) literally brought our ideas to life.  Their passion and commitment to making this happen was simply amazing.   Thank you so much!

But today is just a beginning.  We will use this new design and platform to bring High Five Hope to life and to more deeply connect with all of you in the broader High Five Hope family.  We believe — and have multiple years of evidence — that we have a winning formula that has made real and lasting impact to the lives of the children in our program.  Our program grows as our community grows.  As you share with your friends, as you ‘like’, as you send, as you tweet, and as you donate.  Each of these takes us a step forward, and helps us reach more children in truly desperate need.

Be part of a life changing team.  Let’s make tomorrow a great day together.